Pastors & Staff

Pastor Tim Craft & Pastor Abby Craft

Lead Pastors

Pastor Tim Craft is the founder and lead Pastor of The Reach United. Pastors Tim and Abby began The Reach United out of a desire that everyone be part of a Christ-centered community that genuinely loves and serves one another.  

Tim and Abby felt a calling that has led them on a journey of pursuit. The pursuit of God, His presence, His kingdom, and His people. This calling led directly to the planting of The Reach United Church.

Their heart is to see community transformation and God's people becoming empowered to walk in their God-given purpose.

Tim  serves with his beautiful wife, Abby, and their two children - Cash and Remy. 

Pastor Dennis Craig

Online Campus Pastor

Dennis brings years of teaching and ministry experience to his position. . As our online campus pastor and TRU DISCIPLE teacher, he uses the Word to help lead new Christians on the next steps from Salvation to walking in purpose. 

Pastor Ashley Baker

Ministry Administrator

To put it best, nothing at The Reach United would function without Ashley! Ashley serves with passion and a love for Jesus as she makes sure everything is running smoothly, as well as serving as a vital part of our media team  and as the chief producer of all of The Reach Merchandise. 

Austin Alexander

 High on Hope Director

Austin leads our worship team not only with tremendous musical ability, but with a heart and passion for worship that few can match.  In addition, Austin is the director of High on Hope, our recovery ministry that serves hundreds of people in the community and helps them achieve victory over addiction.

Elizabeth Johnson

TRU KIDS Director / TRU TEENS Director

Combine the loving heart of a mother with the fire of an absolute warrior for Christ and you have our amazing children's ministry director.  Elizabeth and her team care for all of The Reach family members from birth through 19 years of age, and she does it with a commitment and passion that inspire all of us. 

Tiffany Craig

Media Director / Administrative Assistant

Other than our Pastor, Tiffany may be the busiest member of our staff.  Tiffany takes her love for Christ and  channels it into coordinating all aspects of media for our church. From livestreams to social media to keeping our online campus pastor in check, Tiffany is a vital member of the Reach family.

Micah Christian

TRU Security Director

Micah is one of those workers who will literally do anything he is asked to do if it is going to help The Reach United and it's mission to lead others to Christ.  As director of security, Micah helps to provide a calm and reassuring presence in keeping our family safe as they enjoy the ministry of The Reach United.