But the time is coming - indeed it is here now, when true worshippers
will worship the Father in Spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for
those who will worship Him that way.

John 4:23

TRU WORSHIP is the amazingly talented worship team that ushers us into God's presence each week.  As a part of the worship team at The Reach United you are on the front lines of ushering people into the presence of the Holy Spirit every week in worship. You will either play an instrument or perform the responsibility of singing as a part of the team. All instrumentalists and vocalists will be under the leadership and supervision of Austin Alexander. Members of the worship team are expected to hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct both on the worship platform and during the week. Auditions are necessary to become a part of the worship team with The Reach United.  You will also be expected to serve as a part of the High on Hope team for a period of time before joining the main Reach team..


Worship Opportunities

Friday 7:00pm

The combined High on Hope and Reach United Worship teams meet for rehearsal at The Reach United Church. 

Sundays 1030am and 630pm

The TRU WORSHIP team leads our services with spirit filled worship. Musicians and singers are rotated on a weekly basis.