The 4 Steps to Active Christianity

Hey there, and welcome to Session 2 of TRU DISCIPLE! If you have received this book, it means that you have completed the opening 4 weeks where we discussed what Salvation truly means and how it directs us to be a part of a family in Christ.
Now, we are going to spend the next four weeks talking about what an active Christian lifestyle involves. Christianity is not a sedentary undertaking. Christ’s last words as he rose to heaven were for His followers to GO into all the world and preach and baptize and lead others to HIM. Christianity requires ACTION.
We will dive into the 4 areas of Christian life that we as believers are not just invited, but encouraged to participate in:
  • Prayer – prayer is our most powerful tool as a Christian because it allows us to communicate DIRECTLY with the Father.
  • Presence – For us to walk into purpose, we have to SHOW UP.
  • Gifts – We have to give of ourselves. Tithing and giving of our financial gain is a mandate from the Father for all who love Him.
  • Service – No one who calls himself or herself a Christian can just stand on the sideline. We have to get in the game and be a part of serving others.

So, let’s get ready and DIVE IN.