The Tough Stuff

Congratulations on reaching the last sessions in our TRU DISCIPLE series. You walked the journey from salvation to baptism and claimed the components of living an active Christian lifestyle. I hope that you have learned a lot and that you are putting into practice all that you have learned, because when we dive into the next four weeks, you may find yourself needing the endurance that you have been developing.
It is time to get messy. It is time to attack those subjects that send many Christian teachers running from their Bible in fear because they do not want to teach the hard stuff – the stuff that is difficult, scary, and sometimes hard to understand.
During the next 4 weeks, we will be traversing a very narrow tightrope with the following subjects:
--   Spiritual Warfare
--   Spiritual Gifts vs. Spiritual Fruit
--   What are Spiritual Manifestations?
--   Protecting my Witness (How what I say, think, and  
       do matters in the Kingdom)
When we claim our faith in Christ and begin to live an active lifestyle for Him, we will be challenged and attacked on every side. What we will learn during these next four weeks is that God has already placed within us everything we need to fight those battles and win. We will see the practical application of what we have been learning for the last 12 weeks: We are now a part of an army, marching together as family to advance the Kingdom, and we have a war to fight and win.
So, let us get to it!