The Basics - from Salvation to Baptism

Hey there, and welcome to TRU DISCIPLE You have just made an amazing, life-changing decision by giving your life to God and accepting Jesus as your Savior. All of us here at The REACH United are so excited for you and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for you as you walk with Him. You are probably feeling some pretty amazing feelings right now, but you’re also probably overwhelmed with uncertainty about what exactly just happened and more importantly, what comes next?

That’s what TRU DISCIPLE is all about. TRU DISCIPLE is a totally different kind of 12-steps program. TRU DISCIPLE is designed to help guide you from your salvation
experience to an understanding of what it really means to walk in your true purpose and calling as a disciple of God.

Will it be easy? No. Are you going to face some tough questions and conversations? Yes. But we here at The Reach United will be here with you every step of the way as you explore God’s word and His calling in your life. Get ready to be blessed as you begin to connect not only with the Spirit dwelling within you, but also to connect with other believers who are walking the same road right alongside of you.

Welcome to the Family. Now, let’s begin….

Welcome to TRU Disciple.

Pastor Dennis Craig introduces you to the discipleship curriculum, TRU Disciple.
In each link below, you will find the written lesson, as well as a video of the lesson given by Pastor Dennis Craig.

In addition to the lesson, you will find discussion questions that you may answer and submit via e-mail to Pastor Dennis Craig for credit towards completion of the program to serve as a team member at The Reach.  

You may also e-mail any questions you may have and he will respond. This can help you to get the most out of your TRU Disciple experience.